PLEASE HELP Image transcription text1 in 2 in 3 X Since in is on both sides ofthe equation, 1x(in) = 6(in)(ft) it cancelsout, leaving ft. x = 6ft A ro… … Image transcription textThis project will have four parts that must becompleted. For part one, you will be given a scaledrawing and the scale factor. Looking at … … Image transcription textScale: I block = 2 feet Room Pantry master Closet Bothmaster Bedroom Closet Dining Room More FreePrintables: Calendars Maps Graph Paper Ta… … Image transcription textPart | Answer Sheet Using the diagram, determine thedimensions for eaoh room. Master Bedroom Bedroom#2 Bedroom #3 Master Bath Bath #2 Mas… … Image transcription textPart II Answer Sheet The scale factor for a drawingwas determined to be 4 inch = 1 foot. Given theactual dimensions, determine the scale… … Image transcription textPart III Answer Sheet Given the actual dimensionsand the scaled dimensions, determine the scalefactor. The scale factor must work for b… … Image transcription textPart IV Scale Drawing Scale DrawingRubric Scale (20 points) ActualDimensions (20 points) M… … PLEASE HELP Arts & Humanities Architecture MATH 3221A4 Share (0)

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PLEASE HELP Image transcription text1 in 2 in 3 X Since
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