3. Inventory turnover rate.. 1) Is the ending inventory… 3. Inventory turnover rate..1) Is the ending inventory available at the end of the year 2) is a liquidity ratio3) Measures the variable cost excluding cash and account receivables 4) indicates how quickly inventory sells 4.The selling price is$36 and the cost/unit is$12. What’s the mark up?1) 200%2) 30% 3) 3 4) 123% 5. The everyday selling price of a cartridge of ink is$35. The company decides to have a two week sale reducing the price to $21. What’s the mark down?1) 20% 2) 40%3) 50%4) 14$ 6. Ratios help us understand.. 1) how liquid a company is 2) how much in debt a company is 3) how a company collects its money 4) all of the above 7. Which of the following is a liquidity ratio?1) gross profit 2) return on equity 3) working capital 4) asset turnover ratio 8. Measures the company’s short-term debt-paying ability 1) working capital 2) debt to equity ratio3) total assets turnover ratio 4) current ratio 9. The break-even point is the point at which: 1) fixed cost equal profit 2) total revenue is equal to total cost 3) variable cost equal fixed costs 4) the company breaks down 10. Breakeven analysis takes in consideration 1) only variable costs 2) only fixed costs 3) variable and fixed costs 4) Only sunk costs Image transcription text Completion Status: 1 1 p Which of the following would help you measure and understandthe sensitivity and feasibility of a decision you have made O Working capital O Breakeven analysis Balancesheet Retained Earnings 2 1 poin A balance sheet….. Measures how much money the … … Business Accounting ACCOUNTING ACCG70024 Share (0)

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3. Inventory turnover rate.. 1) Is the ending inventory…
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