(a) Name three sorts of programming weakness; give an illustration… (a)


(a) Name three sorts of programming weakness; give an illustration… (a) Name three sorts of programming weakness; give an illustration of each and a briefportrayal of how each could be taken advantage of.(b) Alice needs to go after Bob’s PC through the Internet, by sending IP parcelsto it, straightforwardly from her own PC. She doesn’t believe that Bob should find out theIP address of her PC.(I) Is this simpler to accomplish for Alice with TCP-or UDP-based applicationconventions? Make sense of why. [3 marks](ii) For the more troublesome convention, make sense of one method that Alice couldattempt to beat this obstruction and one countermeasure that Bob would be ablecarry out in his PC. [3 marks](iii) Name three capacities that Alice’s Internet specialist organization would be ablecarry out to make it more challenging for Alice to accomplish her objective?[3 marks](c) In what way are TCP/UDP port numbers under 1024 unique?(a) Distributed capacity approaches can be partitioned into network appended capacity(NAS) and capacity region organizations (SANs). Make sense of with the guide of a chartthe essential distinctions between the two methodologies. [4 marks](b) The organization document framework (NFS) is in many cases utilized in neighborhood.(I) Why is NFS not typically thought to be appropriate for wide region organizations?[2 marks](ii) Briefly talk about how one could alter NFS to all the more likely help wide regionnetworks. [2 marks](c) Distributed shared virtual memory can be utilized inside a processing group tostraightforwardly permit multi-strung projects to stumble into numerous machines.Sketch the plan of a DSVM framework. Make certain to make sense of what happens bothat the point when a memory read and when a memory compose happens. Remark on theanticipated execution and heartiness of your framework. [6 marks](d) EROS is an ability based working framework.(I) What is an ability? [1 mark](ii) Explain with the guide of a chart how EROS utilizes conventional pagingequipment to copy ability equipment. [5 marks]6CST.2006.9.76 Computer Vision(a) Extraction of visual elements from pictures frequently includes convolution with channelsthat are themselves developed from mixes of differential administrators.One model is the Laplacian ∇2 ≡∂2∂x2 +∂2∂y2 of a Gaussian Gσ(x, y) havingscale boundary σ, producing the channel ∇2Gσ(x, y) for convolution with thepicture I(x, y). Make sense of exhaustively every one of the accompanying three administrator arrangements,where ∗ connotes two-layered convolution.(I) ∇2[Gσ(x, y) ∗ I(x, y)] [2 marks](ii) Gσ(x, y) ∗ ∇2I(x, y) [2 marks](iii)∇2Gσ(x, y)∗ I(x, y) [2 marks](iv) What are the distinctions among their impacts on the picture? [2 marks](b) In human vision, the photoreceptors liable for variety (cones) arevarious just close to the fovea, primarily in the focal ±10 degrees. In like mannerhigh spatial goal is just tracked down there. So why does the visual worldappear to us consistently hued? For what reason does it likewise appear to have uniform spatialgoal? What suggestions and plan standards for PC vision maybe drawn from these perceptions? [4 marks](c) Outline a plan for achieving record of penmanship (not cursive,that is, with letters previously isolated). Make sense of the center modules in yourframework, from low-level element extraction to significant level characterization of letters.At the most elevated level of the classifier, make sense of how the framework could utilize Bayesianstrategies to consolidate master information like a vocabulary of real words andinformation about relative letter frequencies. [4 marks](d) How can dynamic data about facial appearance and posture in videosuccessions (instead of simple actually outline picture data), be utilized in aface acknowledgment framework? Which center troublesome parts of face acknowledgment withstill casings become more manageable with dynamic groupings? Are a few viewpointsmade more troublesome? [4 marks]7 Advanced GraphicsDepict, exhaustively, the radiosity strategy for ascertaining enlightenment. Guarantee thatyour response gives an outline of the calculation, depicts an implementable strategyof computing structure factors, and makes sense of a proficient approach to emphasizing to an answer.(a) Hidden Markov models (HMM) are broadly utilized in Bioinformatics.(I) In a HMM when might you utilize the Baum-Welch calculation, and whenthe Viterbi calculation, and why? Give naturally propelled models.[8 marks](ii) Any AI model (like a HMM) for protein auxiliarystructure assurance or quality tracking down depends on finding trademarkfactual properties of protein arrangements. Name a property (and legitimizeyour response) that assists with restricting (and recognize) transmembranefragments and curls in a protein arrangement, or exon/intron limits in agenomic locale. [2 marks](b) Discuss the intricacy of a calculation to reproduce a hereditary organization frommicroarray bother information. [7 marks](c) What is the distinction as far as availability between a sans scale organizationfurthermore, an irregular organization? Give organic instances of without scale organizations.[3 marks]14 Denotational Semantics(a) State cautiously, without verification, the sufficiency and ampleness results for PCF.(You really want not depict the sentence structure, functional and denotational semantics ofPCF in any detail.) [3 marks](b) Define the legitimate connection you would use in demonstrating sufficiency for PCF. Statecautiously without confirmation the “basic hypothesis” for the sensible connection.[5 marks](c) Define relevant comparability for PCF. [2 marks](d) Explain cautiously the hardships in getting a completely unique denotationalsemantics for PCF. [7 marks](e) Describe how PCF linguistic structure and functional semantics can be reached out to acquirefull reflection. [3 marks]13 (TURN OVER)CST.2006.9.1415 Specification and Verification IIA JK flip-flop has inputs J, K and a result Q, which is driven by a put away worth,also, conduct determined by the accompanying table.J K Q Qnext0 0 0 00 0 1 10 1 X 01 0 X 11 1 0 11 1 1 0Accept that the put away worth is at first 0.(a) Describe the arrangement of results on Q assuming the J and K information sources are 1 all of the time.[2 marks](b) Define a predicate JK with the end goal that JK(j,k,q) models the way of behaving of a JK flipflop. Portray and legitimize the legitimate sort of JK. [6 marks](c) Write down a proper determination of a gadget COUNT to such an extent that the result attime t will be t mod 4. [2 marks](d) Design an execution of COUNT utilizing JK back-peddles, portray how it worksfurthermore, draw a graph of your plan. [4 marks](e) How you could demonstrate that your plan meets its particular?(a) Define the M/M/1 queueing model and infer the consistent state conveyancefor the quantity of clients present when the traffic power is short of what one.[5 marks](b) For the M/M/1 model in consistent state, infer the mean number of clientspresent and the interim spent by a client in the framework. What is theusage of the server? [5 marks](c) Now think about the M/M/1/K queueing model with K limited and again determinethe consistent state conveyance for the quantity of clients present. For whatupsides of the traffic power does your consistent state dissemination exist? Whatis the use of the server and make sense of how this analyzes for the M/M/1queueing model. [5 marks](d) Give an illustration of the utilization of the M/M/m/m misfortune model. Infer Erlang’srecipe for the consistent state likelihood that a showing up client sees as all mservers involved.The improvement director of a site for online book-purchasing has asked you todo a heuristic assessment of its ease of use. He has explicitly proposed thethree heuristics recorded beneath.1. “There ought to be somewhere in the range of five and nine route choices on each page.”2. “There ought to be a decent match between the route buttons and theclients’ objectives.”3. “It ought to be simple for clients to change their arrangements.”(a) Has the chief gotten heuristic assessment wrong? Momentarily legitimize yourreply. [2 marks](b) Please remark on the over three heuristics recommended by the chief. Forevery one of the proposed heuristics, your remarks ought to include:(I) any hypothetical legitimization possibly in support this heuristic;(ii) any extra assessment steps that may be expected in applying it; and(iii) the probable effect of such assessment on the framework plan.[6 imprints each]2CST.2006.9.32 VLSI Design(a) What is double rail rationale? For what reason is it helpful in self-coordinated circuits? [4 marks](b) Using double rail rationale, sketch circuits for(I) an inverter; [2 marks](ii) an AND entryway; [3 marks](iii) an elite OR entryway. [3 marks](c) The accompanying circuit shows a powerful double rail entryway:0/TF0 F1A0 A1 A0 A1B0 B1Which capacity does it carry out? Make sense of how it functions. [8 marks](a) Explain the term over-burdening with regards to Java constructors and strategies.[2 marks](b) Without portraying the subtleties of either, frame the connection between theJava strategies System.out.printf() and String.format(). [2 marks]The ISO portrayal for the hour of day is hh:mm:ss where (for the reasonsof this inquiry) hh is a two-digit whole number in the reach 00 to 23 and every one of mmfurthermore, ss is a two-digit number in the reach 00 to 59.The accompanying Java test program practices a proposed class Time which empowersa chance to be addressed in ISO design and permits one opportunity to be added toanother:public class TimeProg{ public static void main(String[] args){ Time t1 = new Time(15,10,5);t1.add(5,10,15);t1.add(10,20);t1.add(5);System.out.printf(“%s%n”, t1);//yields 20:30:45Time t2 = new Time(60,70,80);System.out.printf(“%s%n”, t2);//yields 13:11:20t1.add(t2);System.out.printf(“%s%n”, t1);//yields 09:42:05Time t3 = new Time();System.out.printf(“%s%n”, t3);//yields 00:00:00}}It very well might be expected that main positive contentions are involved however note that outof-range values for minutes and seconds are dealt with reasonably (hence 80 secondsbrings about 1 being added to the quantity of minutes  Computer Science Engineering & Technology Artificial Intelligence ECON PME 401 Share (0)

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(a) Name three sorts of programming weakness; give an illustration… (a)
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