1 Choose the answer that has these events of protein synthesis in…


1 Choose the answer that has these events of protein synthesis in… 1 Choose the answer that has these events of protein synthesis in the propersequence.1. A tRNA binds to the start codon of the mRNA2. A large ribosomal unit binds to form an initiation complex3. Amino acids are added via a peptide bond4. A small ribosomal subunit binds with mRNA.5. The ribosome translates codonsA 1, 3, 2, 4, 5B 4, 1, 2, 5,3C 2, 4, 5. 1, 32 Which of the following molecular biology techniques incorporates the use of RNA?A- Polymerase chain reactionB- Northern BlotC Southern BlotD DNA FootprintingE None of the above uses RNA.3What is proteomics?A- the totality of the functional possibilities of a single proteinB- the study of the full protein set encoded by a genomeC- the study of how amino acids are ordered in a proteinD- None of the above defines proteomics.4 Which molecular technique(s) can be used to make multiple copies of a piece ofDNA?A- PCRB- ZFNC-RELPD-Both A and CE-Both B and C5- Which sequence correctly orders the steps of the PCR?A-denaturation, elongation, annealingB-denaturation, annealing, hybridizationC-hybridization, denaturation, annealingD-None of the above6-Which of the following best depicts the flow of the Central Dogma of molecularbiology?A-DNA> tRNA > proteinB-DNA > mRNA > proteinC -DNA > rRNA > proteinD-DNA > protein > RNAE- None of the above.7-Of the following functions, the major purpose of tRNA is toA-carry amino acids from the cytoplasm to the mRNA.B-make a copy of itself, thus ensuring genetic continuity.C-act as a pattern or blueprint to form DNAD-None of the above is the major purpose of tRNA.E-non of the above8-Identify the false statement regarding cosmids.•A-Cosmids are linear and contain antibiotic resistant genesB-Cosmids allow 35kb-45kb fragments of foreign DNA to be ligated togetherC-Cosmids contain multiple cloning site.D-Cosmids function similar to plasmids.E-All of the above are true statements about cosmids.9-Which of the following is true regarding the CRISPR-Cas9 system?A-involves a series of palindromic RNA repeatsB-mimics the human immune systemC-is based on viral DNAD-uses the RNA molecule designated as Cas9E-All of the above are true.10-ChIP analysisA-utilizes antibodiesB-captures RNA targets for transcription factorsC-None of the aoveD-All of the above11-Which of the following is not an example of a reporter gene?A-firefly luciferaseB-beta galactosidaseC-alkaline phosphataseD-TAQ polymeraseE-All of the above are reporter genes.12-Northern hybridization is used toA-identify a specific protein.B-to identify a specific segment of DNA.C-to identify a specific segment of RNAD-to identify both RNA and DNAE-None of the above13-Which of the following is true of cDNA produced using human brain tissue as thestarting material?A-It is produced from pre-mRNA using reverse transcriptase.B-The procedure to make it requires amplification by the polymerase chainreaction.C-It can be labeled and used as a probe to detect genes expressed in the brainD-It includes introns of the pre-mRNA.14-Which of the following vectors originates from a virus?A-bacteriophageB-plasmidC-cosmidD-yeast artificial chromosomeE-All of the above vectors originate from a virus.15-In DNA technology, the term vector can meanA-the enzyme that cuts DNA into restriction fragemnts.B-the sticky end of a DNA fragment.C-a SNP markerD-a plasmid used to transfer DNA into a living cell.E-None of the above is correct.16-The weaknesses in a SWOT analysis are identified as areas where competitors havean advantage.A-trueB-false17-According to a SWOT analysis, which of the following represents a threat to acompany’s profitability?A-manager experienceB-increased cost needed to administer industry regulations,c-poor customer relationsD-narrow product lineE-All of the above threaten a company’s profitability.18-Which of the following is not a strategic environment associated with a SWOTanalysis?A-internalB-industryC-microD-macroE-All of the above are strategic environments.19-All except which of the following is associated with a company’s internal strengths?A-advanced information technologyB-long-term rental contractC-positive economic outlookD-company loctionE-All of the above are internal strengths.20-After conducting a SWOT analysis for a new idea in biotechnology, it is important tolook at how your internal strengths can combat the internal threats.A-trueB-false21-Which of the following are considered in assessing internal, but not externalinfluences when conducting a SWOT Analysis?A-relationships with suppliersB-industry knowledgeC-qualified personnelD-product lineE-All of the above22-You have assessed your company’s business contracts, business products, businessmanagement. You have just assessed your business’sA-internal strengthsB-None of the above23-In a SWOT analysis, growth in both customer and supplier base is associated withA-strengthsB-weaknessesC-opportunitiesD-threats24-Intellectual property rights, according to the SWOT analysis, can be consideredA-intangible strengths.B-macro opportunitiesC-industry opportunities.D-tangible strengths.E-None of the above25-When considering SWOT analyses, strengths and weakness are internal whileopportunities and threats are external.A- trueB-false Science Biology BIO 48330 Share (0)

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1 Choose the answer that has these events of protein synthesis in…
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