please help! Image transcription textw .u a: (3» U CI. l5 and Al, FESPECTJVEly 2 Not yet Marked outof 1.00 t7 Flag In our bodies, individual chromosomes contain some genesof maternal origin and some genes of paternal origin. This phenomen… … Image transcription text8:54 Biology 30 Home / My courses / Biology 30. / CD Lesson 3 Assignment(Karyotype and Nondisjunction) 1 Not yet Marked out of 1.00Flag Edward’s syndrome and Patau’s syndromes are both … … Image transcription text 3 Not yet Marked out of 1.00 7 Flag What will be thenumber of chromosomes in Turner’s syndrome and Klinefelter’s syndrome of anorganism whose haploid number is 20? 0a. 39 in Turner’s syndrome … … Image transcription textw .u as (3» 4 Not yet Marked out of 1.00 l7 Flag For1% of all births, a woman gives birth to twins or other multiples. __i__ twins are notalike. __L twins are formed when one fertilized egg(s) develops into t… … Image transcription text8:55 Nondisjunction) 6 Not yet Marked out of 1.00 Flag When there is one extra chromosome due to non- disjunction, it is calledtrisomy. In such a case, the gamete has one extra chromosome of a … … Image transcription text8:55 O 5 Not yet Marked out of 1.00 Flag What typeof gametes can be produced if non-disjunction occurs at anaphase I of celldivision? Oa. n+ landn – 1 O b. n+ 2andn -2 O c. 2n + 1and 2n – 1 O d. … … Image transcription text 7 Not yet Marked out of 1.00 ‘7 Flag Two individualova fertilized by separate sperm will result in the production of i . A single zygoteor blastocyst dividing into two separate bodies will lead to the develo… … Image transcription text8:55 9 Not yet Marked out of 1.00 Flag In which ofthe following phases of meiosis does the process of crossing over ofchromosomes take place? O a. prophase I O b. prophase ll O c. anap… … Image transcription text 8 Not yet Marked out of 1.00 V Flag Use thefollowing information to answer next . Each phase of the cell cycle makesthe cell ready to enter he other phase. The various processes that o… … please help! Science Biology BIO 30 101 Share (0)

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please help! Image transcription textw .u a: (3» U CI. l5
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