State the major advantage to sexual reproduction. Give an advantage… State


State the major advantage to sexual reproduction. Give an advantage… State the major advantage to sexual reproduction.  Give an advantage and disadvantage for asexual reproduction.   Most organisms that utilize external fertilization are?  Internal fertilization followed by egg laying is called?OviparityOvoviparityViviparityVolvoviparity Internal fertilization followed by gas and nutrient exchange with the mother is called?OviparityOvoviparityViviparityVolvoviparity  Internal fertilization followed by the young being fed through a yolk sac is called?OviparityOvoviparityViviparityVolvoviparityI discover an organism with the following features and place it in the Kingdom Animalia, tell me why you agree or disagree with the placement.MulticellularTissuesActive movementCell wallsSexual reproductionHeterotrophic  Match the following phyla with their key evolutionary adaptation. _____ Rotifera and Nematoda                  _____ Chordata _____ Platyhelminthes _____ Porifera _____ Arthropoda _____ Cnidaria _____ Mollusca _____ Annelida _____ Echinodermata C.  Body cavityS.   Symmetry and tissuesM. MulticellularityR.  SegmentationY.  Deuterostome development and an endoskeletonE.   Bilateral symmetryI.    Jointed appendages and an exoskeletonH.  NotochordT.   Coelom For reproduction Gymnosperms rely upon?Water WindPollinatorsGravityFor reproduction mosses rely upon?Water WindPollinatorsGravity For reproduction Angiosperms rely upon?Water WindPollinatorsGravity For reproduction Ferns rely upon?Water WindPollinatorsGravity Next to each group below, write in its dominant generation (G for Gametophyte and S for Sporophyte)GymnospermsAngiospermsFernsMosses Draw a typical plant life cycle. Be sure to use the following terms:DiploidFertilizationGametophyteHaploidMeiosisMitosisSporophyte Name 2 adaptations plants had to overcome to invade land.  BONUS: Can you name a flowering plant that completes its life cycle submerged in the ocean? Science Biology BIO 101 Share (0)

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State the major advantage to sexual reproduction. Give an advantage… State
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