1. Rita has a ‘self-service system’ in her shop. Sakshi took a…


1. Rita has a ‘self-service system’ in her shop. Sakshi took a… 1. Rita has a ‘self-service system’ in her shop. Sakshi took a basket and picked articles of her choice into the basket and reached the cashier for payments. The cashier refused to accept the price. Can Rita be compelled to sell the said articles to Sakshi? Comment.  2. Saurabh, a minor, sold certain properties to Anil and received Rs. 50,000 as part of purchase money. Subsequently, Saurabh applied to Court that the sale should be canceled as he is a minor at the time of sale and he should not be allowed to recover the possession of property from Anil. Can Saurabh plead his minority and succeed?  3. Ajay threatens to shoot Garima if she does not sell her car to him for Rs. 8,000. Garima signs the necessary documents for the sale of the car. Later on, she wants to avoid the contract. Will she succeed? If so, why?  4. Tia writes to Lee, owner of a patent invention for purifying water, “Deliver your machine to purify water at my factory”. Lee dispatches the machine in accordance with the order. The machine proved unsuitable for the job. Can Tia sue Lee for breach of condition or warranty?  5. A, by a deed of gift, made over certain property to her daughter, with a direction that the daughter should pay an annuity to A’s brother. On the same day the daughter executed a deed in writing in favour of the brother and agreed to pay the annuity. After that the daughter declined to fulfil her promise and the brother sued to recover the amount. The defendant (sister) contended that as there was no consideration from the side of brother, and that he being the stranger to the consideration had no right to sue. Comment on the situation.  Business Management Business Law MANAGEMENT LEGAL Share (0)

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1. Rita has a ‘self-service system’ in her shop. Sakshi took a…
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