3YUEN ( 3Y) is a famous household product brand in China. The…


3YUEN ( 3Y) is a famous household product brand in China. The… 3YUEN ( 3Y) is a famous household product brand in China. The company manufactures cloth washing detergents and bars; toilet cleaners, floor cleaners, bath soaps, kitchen surface cleaners, and glass cleaners. The products range from chemical ones to environmentallyfriendly products. The company is exploring the international market and Malaysia is chosen to be the headquarter in for Southeast Asia. You are hired by 3Y to be responsible for the sales of the 3Y household products in Malaysia. You have identified hyper/supermarkets ( i.e AEON & AEON BIG, LOTUS, JAYA GROCER, etc), minimarkets ( 99 SpeedMart, KK marts, 7-11 &, etc), and small grocery stores ( i.e family stores or single owner grocery stores, etc) are the channels to reach the final consumers. Upon Analysis you have identified the following:Segment A: hypermarkets and supermarkets with yearly purchase volume RM1 million to RM 5 million each customer, centralized buying efforts and centralized delivery in Klang Valley, outlets throughout West Malaysia. Commission to this channel 50%. Segment B: mini markets with yearly purchase volume RM1 million to RM 2 million each customer; with centralized buying efforts in Klang Valley, and centralized delivery or directly to outlets throughout the greater Klang Valley. Commission to this channel 30%.Segment C: Individual grocery stores or small grocery stores with yearly purchases estimated at RM1000 to RM 5000 each store. Total stores are about 400. Delivery per store and throughout West Malaysia with 30% stores in Klang Valley. Each Salesperson will be working as a delivery seller and will be given a van with all products to serve this segment. Commission to this channel 10%.All products have the same end price to consumers across channels. Based on the above information and assumptions that you have made, address the following:Answer all s. ALL discussions must be supported and justifiedSection 1 Sales Forecast i.Based on the given information, estimate sales forecast for the year 2022. If you have set up the sales team by end of 2021• An appropriate assumption made (4 marks) • Correct in calculations under assumption made (6 marks) Section 2 Sales Force Organization i.Address how you plan to organize the sales team. Your answer should include the type of organization to employ and the chart should indicate the scope of work/responsibilities ( ie. Segments serving) • Appropriate organization chart with scope 50% • Appropriate explanation and justification, anddemonstrate understanding of the subject (50%) ii.Based on Section 1(i) and Section 2 (i), discuss how many delivery sellers you need to address segment C. State all the assumptions. (15)Section 3Prospecting & Selling process i.Discuss how you help your team to qualify the prospects in segment C. (5)ii.You have foreseen price objections your team may face especially in segments A and B during the selling process.Define the price objection that your team may be facing and suggest 2 ways your team can do to handle the objection. (15)iii.Discuss how CRM can help your sales organization. (10)Section 4Performance Evaluation Discuss what are the key performance evaluation area for the sales force in section 2. The key performance must reflect how you organize them. (15)Section 5 Compensation for sales ForceSuggest an appropriate compensation mix for your sales team. The suggestion must reflect how you organize them in section 2. (15)References All references must be cited. Creditable & appropriate references and supporting facts shall be given marks. Sharing online resources that are not published and lack originality shall be given ZERO marks. Business Management Business Law Share (0)

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3YUEN ( 3Y) is a famous household product brand in China. The…
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