CPPREP4002 – Report – Q1: To answer the following s (Q1-4)…


CPPREP4002 – Report – Q1: To answer the following s (Q1-4)… Image transcription textCan a real estate agent be liable for misleading and deceptiveconduct by “tundra Havel-Ramp, Lawyer | IIH’ 2.4.. 11.118 In the recentcase of W NSWSC 164? the Supreme Court of NEW rev… … Image transcription textexplained to him. However, he did not investigate further as to hisability or right to park in the driveway. Mrs Hyder entered into thecontract to purchase the property for $9.4 million. Issue… … Image transcription textDecision The court decided that the advertising by the agent wasmisleading and deceptive for the purposes of the AustralianConsumer Law as the parking was not private as repres… … Image transcription textThere are important lessons for both real estate agents andpurd’iasers to draw from this case. Firstly, real estate agents shouldensure that they are aocurate in their description of par… …  CPPREP4002 – Report – Q1: To answer the following s (Q1-4) please access the Published real estate industry prosecution PDF attached to this . Q1. Please write a description of this prosecution and explain why it pertains to unethical practice and ethical consideration in personal decision making. 3. Provide 1 industry-standard (expert from legislation or regulator website) and 1 industry code of conduct that relates to the prosecution. Including those that could have been applied to the prosecution and would demonstrate ethical practice. Q4. Describe two complaints resolution processes the agent could have used to help prevent the case from going to court. Business Management Business Law REAL ESTAT CPPREP4002 Share (0)

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CPPREP4002 – Report – Q1: To answer the following s (Q1-4)…
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