For the research below, the content and organization… For the


For the research below, the content and organization… For the research below, the content and organization should include:Please I need 4 paragraphs  on this essay1. The essay must begin with an engaging introductory paragraph that includes an effective and clear thesis statement.2.The body of paper must compose of focused paragraphs that begin with topic sentences and use effective transitions.3. The terms should be  defined and background information is provided, making  the paper accessible to an audience of people who are generally educated but do not have extensive knowledge of the topic.4. The thesis statement must express a position in response to the research topic/.5. The essay must supports the thesis statement using arguments and evidence.6. The paper must end with a concluding paragraph that reiterates the thesis, summarizes key points of the paper, and leaves the reader with the “So what?” Research Topic/Thesis : UAVs: How useful are they both for military and civilian purposes? Sources;Dong, J., Wu, G., Yang, T., & Jiang, Z. (2019). Battlefield situation awareness and networking based on agent distributed computing. Physical communication. Ulku, E., Dogan, B., Onder D., & Bekmezci I. (2019). Sharing location information in multi-UAV systems by common channel multi-token circulation method in FANETs. Elektronika IR. Ruiz Estrada, M. A. (2019). The uses of smart flying platforms (SFP) to fight terrorist Attacks. ResearchGate. Pickrell, R. (2019). Nearly 100 countries have military drones, and it’s changing the way the world prepares for war. Business Insider. Business Management Business Law WRTG 112 Share (0)

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For the research below, the content and organization… For the
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