How to make a firm’s strategy using the following guidelines Vision…


How to make a firm’s strategy using the following guidelines Vision… How to make a firm’s strategy using the following guidelinesVision and Overall Strategysentences that capture where you want to take this company.Be sure to identify which of Porter’s generic strategies you are pursuing (Cost Leadership or Differentiation).Goal Measures:Goal market share is: ________ (% of total bike sales)Goal Share Price is: _________ ($ per share)Industry Analysis & SWOTDescribe the industry that you are competing in. Who are the major players (your competition)? (In the simulation, all firms start at the same place financially, so you don’t need to do a major analysis of the firms. Just provide some basics about the industry and the competitors).SWOT: What are your firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within this industry?Based on the above, how does this drive your strategy?Marketing StrategyWhat are the possible segments in this industry? Describe each, noting similarities and differences.Which segments will you target? Why?For each segment that you’ll target, describe your overall strategy relating to:Develop new products or modify existing productsBranding (brand advertising) expendituresProduct advertising – which media channels will you use for each segment? Explain.What will be your strategy toward the use of public relations?Which distribution channels will you target? How much support will you provide to each channel? How important is margin to each channel?For pricing, where do you wish to be vs. your competitor’s prices? Remember that this is tied to your overall strategy described at the beginning of this strategy document.Operations StrategyRemember that, at the beginning of the simulation, you currently make one type of bike for the Adventurer market. You have around 80 staff and the capacity to manufacture about 16,000 bikes annually.What is your overall strategy relating to:Manufacturing capacity, including both the number of workers and plant capacity?Production volume? Inventory to have on hand (safety stock)?Employee salaries? Training?Preventative maintenance?Quality systems? Inspection rate?Finance Strategy – what will be your strategy toward:The level of debt – will you increase debt? Payback debt?Equity – will you issue more share to raise additional equity? Repurchase (buy back) shares to lower equity?Your dividend strategy?Will you spend money on investor relations? Business Share (0)

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How to make a firm’s strategy using the following guidelines Vision…
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