Case Study 2: Steven Steven entered the dining room, and whilst…


Case Study 2: Steven Steven entered the dining room, and whilst… Case Study 2: Steven Steven entered the dining room, and whilst walking across the carpeted area, Steven spat on the floor behind one of the tables set up for lunch.Other residents seated in the dining room saw Steven and started complaining loudly to staff. Steven was immediately requested to leave the dining room and return to his room to eat his midday meal.The residents continue to complain to staff, stating, “Steven does this often, and everyone is feeling quite ill due to his spitting.”  Several of the residents asked to formally complain about this behaviour and have Steven banned from the dining area. Residents are provided with complaint forms to complete. One of the staff members present completes an incident form and documents in Stevens’ progress notes, recording that Steven has stated that “this was OK to do.”The incident was reported to the supervisor and manager of the residential care facility and discussed in hand over.The manager convenes a meeting with Steven to discuss his behaviour. 1How is Stevens’ behaviour affecting the other residents? 2Who would you report this incident to and why? 3What is the potential for aggression to escalate, either from Steven or the residents of the facility? How could you deescalate the situation? 4What consequences could this bring for Steven and his family? 5Who would be responsible for contacting Steven’s family? 6Who can be present at this meeting? 7How would you prepare if you were requested to meet with the family, as a staff member and witness to the incident? 8How could you assist Steven to modify his behaviour? ”pls keep your answer short and simple answer directly what the is.  i will attach my teacher comment on my previous answers”. thank you very much (teacher’s feedback)Q2 It is not within your role to speak to the family, that is the role of the supervisor so please remove this from your answer and resubmit. Q3 Parts of your answer are correct however to deescalate this situation you would need to firstly ask Steven to leave the area as there are a number of residents involved. You would then return to the dining room and as you have said calmly listen to the other residents, providing complaint forms to them and advising them that you have reported the matter to your supervisor so they know that they have been heard. please resubmit including this information into your answer. Q4 Please discuss this s with myself prior to resubmitting. Q6 You could also include the WHS representation as this is a safety concern to the other residents. You may also include Steven GP to determine if Steve has the capacity to change his behaviour. Q7 You would also see if it has been documenting about when Steven has done this before as the residents are stating “Steven does this often” It would be helpful to know prior to the meeting if this is correct and if any action has been taken previously. Q8 Please resubmit as isolating Steve is a form of restraint which is not permitted in residential care unless someone is at risk of injury. This may become necessary if he cannot change his behaviour but need to try everything else first. Look at using motivational interviewing techniques in this scenario.        Health Science Science Nursing CHCECE CHCLEG001 Share (0)

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Case Study 2: Steven Steven entered the dining room, and whilst…
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