Explain how each of the following factors influence communication. In your response, you should refer to both verbal and non-verbal


Explain how each of the following factors influence communication. In your response, you should refer to both verbal and non-verbal communication.AgeVerbal communication: vocabulary, grammatical judgment, and repetition ability are relatively stable with age; comprehension of complex utterances and naming may decline.Non-verbal communication: Culture Verbal communication Non-verbal communicationDisability Verbal communication Non-verbal communicationEmotional stateVerbal communication Non-verbal communicationHealthVerbal communication Non-verbal communicationReligion Verbal communication Non-verbal communication  7 You are a female support worker and you are visiting Giuseppe, a 70-year-old client. Today he is looking very uncomfortable. You notice that he is fidgety and keeps getting up to use the toilet. He must have gone 10 times so far. When you ask him if he is okay, he says, ‘Yes I’m fine’ and changes the subject. (Giuseppe goes to the doctor the next day – he has an enlarged prostate and was not able to urinate properly.)Why do you think that Giuseppe said he was ‘fine’ when he clearly wasn’t? Giuseppe said he was fine though he wasn’t because he is not aware of his condition, he is not comfortable to discuss his situation and do not want to complicate his medical situation. A friend, Elisabetta, comes to visit Giuseppe. She comes to you after the visit and says ‘What’s wrong with Giuseppe? Does he have prostate cancer? What treatment is he having?’How should you answer Giuseppe’s friend?Giuseppe friend can be as:Giuseppe is under observation from few days.Giuseppe has not yet told her situation to anyone.But we have informed the supervisor about his condition. As you leave the house, Elisabetta goes back to Giuseppe and you hear her saying, ‘Giuseppe, is everything all right? What did that carer do to you? Do I need to call their boss and make a complaint? You should have someone else look after you. I can do it.’You hear Giuseppe telling her to stop worrying, everything is fine. Elisabetta keeps talking loudly at him.After hearing this exchange you know that there is potential for problems. Why should you be concerned, and what should you do?  8 Choose a health and/or community services service that you are interested in. Explain the function/purpose and structure of this service.The function of service are:Motivation and taking responsibilitySocial networks and relationshipsDrug and alcohol misuse  Explain how your chosen service interacts with at least two other services.Managing tenancy and accommodationCompanionship, conversations and connectionsHelp with using the internet.Is this service funded? What is one major source of funding?Service is funded by the hospital and the government.  Identify at least three different roles within your chosen service and explain their responsibilities. 1.2.3. 9 Describe two ways in which each of the following digital media can be used effectively in a health and community services environment.Digital mediaTwo examples of useWebsiteUploading important information on health careMaking the health services available to publicEmailSending/ receiving the information  Sharing the patient reports among the GPsSocial mediaSpreading the information among people as it is easier way of delivering healthcare servicesEntertaining way  to send information.Podcast and videosKeeping a record of health care needsAdvertising the health servicesTablets and applicationsEasy accessVery handy to use and understand                                 NewslettersPassing information where internet is not a optionGiving handy material to read for those people who don’t use internet.IntranetCommunication within a healthcare organization among the staff membersSharing the progress report and problems among staffs 10 Provide an example of person-centred service delivery.Treating people with dignity and respect by being aware of and supporting personal perspectives, values, beliefs and preferences. Listening to each other and working in partnership to design and deliver services.  Provide an example of a multi-disciplinary team and how they work together in the best interests of their clients.Social workers are increasingly working within multidisciplinary teams, such as youth offending, community mental health and community learning difficulty teams. In these settings social work may not be the predominant profession and practitioners may feel marginalised.List two support services that can be accessed by clients and explain the role of each service.1.Rehabilitation Support 2.National Disability Insurance Scheme  Identify at least three different issues that may arise with multi-disciplinary work relationships or when working with people from different services.1. 1) inaccessibility of health care services, 2. systemic barriers, ,3. lack of trained rehabilitation personnel to provide rehabilitation services 11 Provide a definition for each of the following terms. TermDefinitionCase managementCase management is a collaborative process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services required to meet the client’s health and human service needs.AssessmentAssessment is the process of gathering and discussing information from multiple and diverse sources in order to develop a deep understanding of what students know, understand, and can do with their knowledge as a result of their educational experiences.Adult disclosure Guardianship Informed consent Person-centred approach Rights-based service delivery  12Basil is in palliative care. He has cancer, which causes him to suffer high levels of pain. He has a multi-functional team looking after his care.The following people are members of his team. Explain the role of each one:Team memberRole of team memberMedical practitioner Nurse Personal care worker Family Physiotherapist Priest Social worker Volunteers  Health Science Science Nursing CHCAGE 33015 Share (0)

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Explain how each of the following factors influence communication. In your response, you should refer to both verbal and non-verbal
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