This is Dental Radiology (DNTA 1341) Image transcription textD 21


This is Dental Radiology (DNTA 1341) Image transcription textD 21 1 pts You have been tasked with fabricating Ms.Wallace’s provisional crown for tooth #3. You have decided thatan aluminum crown would work best in this situatio… … Image transcription text 20 1 pts Which of the followingprovisional crowns is clear and used to shapethe crown, but removed before c… … Image transcription textD 19 1 pts Your dentist is pleased with the provisional crownthat you have fabricated for Ms. Jones. Little tooth structure remainsafter preparation of the endodontically-treated tooth and t… … Image transcription textD 18 1 pts While fabricating a provisional crown, youare called away from the patient after you’ve placed the alginateimpression loaded with acrylic into the mouth over… … Image transcription text 17 1 pts Which of the following teeth will not receiveprovisional coverage in the photo? Image from Rosenstiel SF, LandMF, Fuijimoto J: Contemporary fixed prosthodontics, ed … … Image transcription textD 16 1 pts Which of the steps in the fabrication of a custom acrylicprovisional crown comes after the step shown in the photo? 0 Lubricatethe tooth with petroleum jelly O Dentist prepares the tooth O … … Image transcription text 14 1 pts Identify the preformed provisional crown pictured. Fig.15-16 Rosenstiel, Stephen F. Contemporary Fixed Prosthodontics, 4thEdition. C.V. Mosby, 062006 O Polycarbonate crown O Alum… … Image transcription textD 13 1 pts The prepared toothis lubricated with a thin layer ofpetroleum jelly before ce… … Image transcription text 12 1 pts Which of the following labequipment is used to create a template forfabricating a provisional bridge on a m… … This is Dental Radiology (DNTA 1341) Health Science Science Nursing DENTAL ASSISTING DNTA 1337 Share (0)

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This is Dental Radiology (DNTA 1341) Image transcription textD 21
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