1. Jamilla, a community services worker, is transporting three… 1. Jamilla,


1. Jamilla, a community services worker, is transporting three… 1. Jamilla, a community services worker, is transporting three young people with intellectual disabilities to a lifestyle support program.  When the worker gets into the car, she asks her clients to put on their seatbelts before she starts off on her journey.  A kangaroo jumps in front of the car and the worker slams on the brakes. One of the clients in the rear of the vehicle, Ellie, is thrown around the cabin area and she sustains serious injuries. Ellie was not wearing her seatbelt. Nisha, of the other clients, says that Ellie didn’t put her seatbelt on when she was asked to – she seemed to be distracted by something outside when the carer gave the seat belt instruction.  : Has Jamilla breached her duty of care? Explain your answer. 2. There is a strange smell lurking around a clinic’s client waiting room. Clients waiting for their appointments have been commenting that the room smells like gas.The workplace safety officer, Rashad, walks into the waiting room and notices the smell immediately.  Rashad says to the receptionist, ‘Can you not smell the gas? There must be a gas leak in here somewhere’.The receptionist, Mara, replies, ‘Yes, I smelled it when I came in this morning and all the clients have been complaining. It’s lucky you came in – can you fix it?’Rashad is shocked at Mara’s lack of action. ‘Why didn’t you report it straight away? It could have been dangerous!”That’s not my responsibility’, Mara replies. ‘You are the safety officer, not me – I’m just responsible for reception.’ : Do you agree with Mara that she wasn’t responsible? Explain your answer. 3.Alloise works in juvenile justice. She gets on with the young offenders well and prides herself on being able to relate to young people.  Often when the young people get to the end of their sentence they are at high risk or reoffending. They frequently have nowhere permanent to live and have trouble getting a job.Alloise offers one particular client a room at her house after his release. The client reminds her a lot of her brother, who died of a heroin overdose when he was 17. She wants to continue working with the client and to help him to get a job so he can become a valued member of the community. : Is Alloise acting appropriately? Explain your answer. 4.List three examples of where you could go to network with other industry professionals. 5. What additional training could you undertake to complement or enhance your current skills for community services work? List at least three examples. 6. What is your preferred learning style? Explain why you think this works for you.        Health Science Science Nursing COMMUNITY CHCPRP003 Share (0)

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1. Jamilla, a community services worker, is transporting three… 1. Jamilla,
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