1 : Read the case study and answer the following… 1: Read the case study and answer the following s.Following is a summary of observations for two (2) different persons in the clinical setting:Client A – A client’s urine output is less than 20ml/hour for four consecutive hours and his BGL is 3mmol/L, he is talking to you coherently and in full sentences.Client B – A client is suffering from an unexplained breathing difficulty and the nurse is seriously concerned about this client. a) What is the appropriate response for client A and why?b) What is the appropriate response for client B and why?  2: Read the case study and answer the following s (a and b)An enrolled nurse was assisting an elderly person with eating. The client started coughing hard after taking a bite of roast chicken. The nurse assisted the client to calm down, sit upright and spit out the rest of the food in the mouth into a spit bag. The nurse reassured the client and asked if the client wanted to continue feeding.The client settled after the coughing fit and took a mouthful of food. While chewing, the client tried to speak and started choking on the food. a) What must the nurse do in this situation?b) The client’s airway was cleared and the doctor and speech pathologist have been called for further evaluation. The registered nurse asked the EN to monitor the client until the doctor arrived. The EN had to assist three more patients with their breakfast and shower two clients before 0900am. How should the EN prioritise their work activities? What should you do in this situation?    Health Science Science Nursing NURSING HLTENN004 Share (0)

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1 : Read the case study and answer the following…
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