Dementia characteristics Fever of Unknown Origin: when taking a… Dementia characteristicsFever


Dementia characteristics Fever of Unknown Origin: when taking a… Dementia characteristicsFever of Unknown Origin:  when taking a history important risk factors to assessCause of orthostatic hypotension for patients suffering CNS injuries and paralysisWhich type of gastric ulcer is common in CNS injury patients.Myasthenia Gravis:  what are some of the physical characteristicsPain medications for neuropathic painGiant Cell arteritis complicationsList the differential Diagnosis for severe headache, fever and nuchal rigidity.What is a screening tool to assess dementia?Diabetes has a list of complications.  Please name them.How do you differentiate myasthenia crisis from a cholinergic one.Best course of treatment for sinus infection for an outpatient.Sensorineural hearing loss is common in the elderly population.  List other differential diagnosis for this form of hearing loss.What is the most appropriate diagnostic test for a patient c/o HA and loss of consciousness after a head injury.What is the best test to evaluate fall risk when assessing cerebellar functioning?What is the best pharmacological treatment for dementia related aggression.Loss of nerve cells to the brain can be seen in which diseases?What are possible triggers of Gillain-Barre Syndrome?What is the primary cause of bone reabsorption in post menopausal females?What would you expect to find in regards to lab values for ITP.Which clinical features would you expect to see in focal seizures accompanied by automatisms.What is the most common cause of fevers in the elderly?For a patient in DIC, which lab finding would you expect to see.What are clinical findings of trigeminal neuralgia?Kernig and Brudzinski signs, fever, HA and skin rash is associated with which condition.What is the Beers list.What is the hallmark sign of macular degeneration?AIDS dementia complex is associated with what lab value.Of these infections, which are parasitic, viral, and bacterialRocky Mountain spotted feverQ FeverMalariaToxoplasmosisHistoplasmosisCryptococcosisEpstein-Barr VirusCytomegalovirusWhat is the Parkinson’s triad?Anemia is a decrease of which components of RBC measurements?Characteristics of epidural hematomas include the following:Of ethnic groups, which is more predominantly at increased risk for diabetes?What are types of rickettsial infections?Define a TIA?What are diagnostic tests for brain death criteria?Occult infections are often found in these areas?Folstein- mini mental state exam measures for which impairment.What is the definition of FUO? Fever or Unknown OriginTreatment for temporal arteritisFindings of acute angle closure glaucomaIf a patient has throbbing occipital headaches following a period of decreased vision loss, what is the most likely diagnosis?Immunologic mediators have a role in fevers.  Name the mediators that affect the pathophysiology of fevers.What are effective measures to treat DIC?How to treat fevers in a patient who suffers a subarachnoid hemorrhage.When administering narcotics, which medication needs to be on hand as a reversal agent.Treatment of SIADH often includes hypertonic 3% saline.  How would you evaluate for treatment effectiveness.Measuring anion gap helps determine the cause of which acid-base imbalance.What conditions contribute to prerenal failure.  Health Science Science Nursing NURS ANP 652 Share (0)

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Dementia characteristics Fever of Unknown Origin: when taking a… Dementia characteristicsFever
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