Purpose To demonstrate the skills and knowledge required for CHCAGE003 Coordinate services for older peopleTask overview  This is an observation of you


Purpose To demonstrate the skills and knowledge required for CHCAGE003 Coordinate services for older peopleTask overview  This is an observation of you participating in a role play  to show your assessor how you would demonstrate skills and knowledge required to coordinate the services of an older person requiring varying levels of types of services Assessment Context Instructions to the student  The scenario role play will be held in the class room Students will participate in a role play, providing support for a family member who cares for an elderly person.The assessor may ask s throughout the role play to clarify the process of the roleplay. The organisation received a call from a concerned carer Jenny as she wants to discuss options for support for her father. You know Alfred, as he has personal care services provided at home. He has Parkinson’s Disease with dementia, which is worsening, he has Diabetes and currently is underweight. Jenny’s family have made appointment for Alfred to be assessedSee File Note  (notes of the conversation)                                                                                                                 To prepare for this role play you must research services and community groups that can assist families and carers when caring for elderly people. Bring a list of these services and contact details and groups with you to the role play so you can discuss them with Jenny. If possible provide written information such as; handouts, brochure to show Jenny as this will provide Jenny information that can help her to make an informed decision. Your assessor will play the role of Jenny. You are to meet with Jenny to find out her challenges in caring for her father and provide support by letting her know what services she and her father could access.Identify and prioritise the client’s needs, goals and preferences after consulting with the client and Jenny Using theservices and support plan Alfred – Make a plan for the client to document services and activities to be provided The plan will document each service/activity, time and location, service provider, resources and arrangementsSupport the client to arrange and access services, activities and support agencies.Monitor if services and support workers can provide the level of services required and take action if services are no longer sufficient or relevant.Your assessor will be looking to see that you:Recognise how providing support to an elderly person with complex needs can impact on family members. For example, demands of care; inability to leave them by themselves; impact on their social life; impact on family; capability to look after his needs; demonstrating compassion and understanding.Provide appropriate support to carers. For example, listening to their concerns; providing advice and information on available services; coordinating and referring to services, etc.Refer the client to relevant services, including respite care. This may also include day care; HACC services; ACAT assessment; community groups; carer’s groups and counselling.Understand the types of community and support services that are relevant for family members and carers. Resources required Internet for research. An environment set up for a meeting with the family member.CHCAGE003 SAT  6 File Note CHCAGE003 SAT 7 Services and support plan – AlfredAssessment Conditions Assessment will be conducted in the classroom and set up to reflect a meeting with a client andhis daughter Equipment and resources available to students using the computer lab,  Reasonable Adjustments If you are unable to undertake the roleplay assessment as designed, a further scenario may be used as an alternative approach if negotiated with your assessor. Documents to submit Students to submit handouts or brochures you have provided to Jenny. CHCAGE003 SAT 7 Services and support plan – Alfred FILE NOTESubject Briefly describe the subject of the file noteAuthor Annie WilsonOther participants and witnesses N/A Date/time event took place 04/06/2020 0930 hrs- Phone discussion Date/time note written 05/06/2020 0930 hrsDetails of conversation or eventDescribe the details of the conversation or event here. What happened? What was discussed? Who said what? What was the decision, instruction or agreement? Who was to perform what action and when?Jenny is struggling with the care of her father. She has been caring for him in her home for two years now. Dad’s condition has deteriorated.  He has problems walking and because of his shuffling gait he often falls. The dementia caused by the Parkinson’s is getting worse. He sees things and is delusional.  His current delusions are around having to go to court because he did something wrong.  He is very anxious about this and keeps wanting to go out and buy a suit for the hearing.  This is very upsetting for the family – he has never been in trouble with the police in his life.Jenny spends a long time each day with his care. It’s great when the personal care worker comes three times a week to shower him, but there is still so much more to do. Also he tends to wander so he needs to be watched every day.He gets up at around 5 am each morning which disturbs the rest of the house and always likes to have a nap after lunch around 1.30pm He has become incontinent (urine and faeces) from time to time. Jenny has had to give up her job to care for him. Jenny is now working part time from home but it’s hard with all the interruptions from Dad. Jenny is receiving the carer’s pension.Jenny doesn’t want to put him into full time care as she feels it is her job to look after him.Jenny’s family life is falling apart.  The kids are in high school now – they love their grandfather but struggle with him living at home. They get embarrassed when he says silly things when their friends are around – and of course if he has been incontinent. Jenny doesn’t have much energy left at the end of the day to help them with their homework.Jenny’s husband has to work extra hours to make up for the work she is no longer able to do.  He resents this and thinks she should put him into full time care.Jenny is beside herself – she feels pulled between the responsibilities you feel to look after your father and the needs of your family.  Jenny has put on a lot of weight and feels terrible about herself. Jenny would like to find out what services are available that could help as she has no idea what is available.Have informed Jenny that I will send one of the staff to come speak to both her and her father When finished, commence a file for the client or place in current file book. Signature:_____Annie Wilson__________________________________________  Date: 05/06/2020services and support plan – Alfred Part One – Supervisor initialsWhat are the goals.     What needs does the client have for services and support activities?    Does the client have any particular preferences that need to be taken into account when coordinating services and support activities?    What are three priorities for this client?     Part Two:For each of the services and activities identified, list the support that the client will need to arrange and/or access the services, activities and/or support agencies.  If you need extra space either add lines electronically to this template or provide an attachment(An example has been provided for you)Name of service or activity Service provider What support will the client need to arrange or access?  Supervisor’s initialsDietitian Cares Australia Carelink Make appointment on client’s behalfArrange community services transport Remind client the day before by phone call                                                    Part three:For each of the services and activities identified, confirm with the service provider that they understand the client’s needs and preferences and confirm their roles and responsibilities(An example has been provided for you)Name of service or activity  Service provider  How did you confirm that they understood the clients needs and preferences  Roles and responsibilities of service provider  Supervisors intialsDietitian Cares Australia Carelink Phoned Jenny and discussed client’s needs – he has been losing weight and is underweight according to BMI Let them know that client prefers to have a morning appointment rather than afternoon as he likes to nap after lunch Provide advice on nutrition needs to manage complications of diabetes.Design a meal plan to help improve weight                                                                   Part 4:  Make a plan services and activities to be provided (example has been completed for you)  Date Service or activity Time Location Service provider Resources required Arrangements               1 01/08/18 Dietitian 0930 hrs Clinic   Cares Australia Carelink(Jenny Jones) WheelchairTransport   Client to be picked up at 0900hrs by community service driver to dietitian. Client to be picked up at 1000hrs to be taken home.. 2                  3                  Part 5:How will the effectiveness of each service, activity and support worker/agency be monitored?  What action will be taken?(An example has been provided for you)Name of service or activity Service provider How will effectiveness be measured? What action will be taken if services are found to be ineffective Supervisor’s initialsDietitian Cares Australia Carelink(Jenny Jones) Feedback from Jenny Weight changesConsultation with client Consider providing meals on wheels                                                   Health ScienceScienceNursingNURSING CHCAGE003Share

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