-What are the  implications for the community and organizationalstakeholders, if  opportunities for improvement is not address. (Poor access to healthcare


-What are the  implications for the community and organizationalstakeholders, if  opportunities for improvement is not address. (Poor access to healthcare in JOrdan, MN community)This is what I wrote/content of paper:This presentation will recommend a community strategic change that will improve health outcomes after conducting a community-based analysis of the Jordan community, social determinants of health, and disparities in the area (Bias& Sarkees, 2020). The analysis summarizing needs and implementation of strategies in the rural site is varied. Furthermore, addressing systemic and environmental factors, such as social determinants of health, has proven to be difficult for public health practitioners to solve (Bias & Sarkees, 2020).Using the windshields survey for Jordan’s rural community, the project will identify variations in responses to health needs and ascertain which one prioritized medical needs (Bias& Sarkees, 2020). Access to healthcare services is essential to good health, but rural residents encounter many obstacles (Bias& Sarkees, 2020). It is critical for the residents to preferably access general practice, preventive services, mental health treatment, urgent care, and health services quickly and confidently. Poor access to care is concerned with the overall physical, social, and mental health (Bias & Sarkees, 2020). In addition, access to healthcare is critical for disease prevention, illness detection, diagnosis, and treatment (Bias & Sarkees, 2020). The main goal to mitigate increased access to care is to avoid and decrease preventable deaths, and  improve one’s quality of life and life expectancy (Bias & Sarkees, 2020). Proposed changes:”Increase access to healthcare in this rural area  Reduce health disparities  Partnering with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and St. Francis Health Center  Promote wellness and wellbeing among the community of Jordan  Policies that are in our favor for low cost healthcare  The StrategiesNumerous strategies are being implemented to improve access to healthcare in rural areas. One example is the Models of Delivery (Bias & Sarkees, 2020). The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) defines a freestanding emergency department (FSED) as a “facility that is institutionally distinguishable from a health center”. The facility offers immediate care for the community (Bias & Sarkees, 2020). ACEP manages multiple and resourcing suggestions to FSED (Bias & Sarkees, 2020). A November 2016 Rural Monitor article, Freestanding Emergency Departments: An Alternative Model for Rural Communities, defines and describes the two types of FSEDs and discusses the model’s financial viability (Bias & Sarkees, 2020). A June 2017 RUPRI Health Panel report after Hospital Closure: Pursuing High-Performance Rural Health Systems without Inpatient Care explores the research of the three rural communities that made the switch to healthcare reforms, such as freestanding emergency room services, enhanced telehealth ability, and specialist care. The report discusses various delivery services for communities that do not have a hospital for inpatient care (Bias & Sarkees, 2020).  Community Paramedicine is a form of care in which ambulance crews and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) perform the more significant role to aid those most in need with medical care without repeating original community programs (Bias & Sarkees, 2020). The objectives are to improve access to care while avoiding duplication of existing services (Bias & Sarkees, 2020). Community paramedics are accountable for handling and linking patients to primary care, as well as finalizing post-hospital follow-up treatment integrating with local public health agencies, home health agencies, health systems, and other providers (Bias & Sarkees, 2020). Health Science Science Nursing MSN 6218 Share (0)

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-What are the  implications for the community and organizationalstakeholders, if  opportunities for improvement is not address. (Poor access to healthcare
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