You are contemplating a business venture, which involves an initial investment of $150,000 followed by an additional investment of $30,000 at the end of first year and $20,000 at the end of 2nd year. You want to analyze the venture over a project life of 10 years (measured from today). Cost of Capital (MARR) = 12%. The venture will result in benefit of $170,000 in the 3rd year and increasing at 4% per year. The operating expenses are estimated to be $50,000 in the 3rd year and decreasing at 2% per year. At the end of the project life, you will sell the business for $20,000. Do the analysis using before tax cash flows. In before tax analysis, taxes are ignored and depreciation is not relevant.Compute a) Net Present Value (NPV)b) Profitability Index (PI)c) Internal Rate of Return (IRR)d) Discounted PaybackIs the project acceptable? Briefly explain why.

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