hese 3 pdfs each contain a scenario followed by a question


Assignment Buying a PorscheYou have decided to acquire a new car: Porsche 911 S4 Carrera Cabriolet. You havefound a low mileage three year old car for sale for $90,000 (original cost $135,000). Youcan purchase the car or lease it from the dealer. The lease requires a $10,000 cash downpayment and 36monthly payments of $1500. Purchasing requires a $5,000 cash downpayment, sales tax of 5%, and 36monthly loan payment of $1750. Tradein value of thecar in three years is estimated to be $30,000. You note that you could earn 5% on themoney you use for a down payment. What is the best dealpurchase or lease (ignoretime value of money).ssignment: Adobe Pros and Cons of Operating LeverageConsider the information presented in the figure below regarding Adobe Systems.Summarize the pros and cons of operating leverage in this case.Assignment: Worth Getting and MBA?Your brother, age 40, is the regional manager at an office supply company. Hethinks he might want to leave his job to go back to school for an MBA. Heexpects that his current job, if he were to stay at it, would pay him a real incomestream of $75,000 per year until retirement at age 65. If he goes back to school, hewould forego two years of income, but his real income after graduation would be$110,000 per year until retirement at age 65. He has been accepted to an MBAprogram that costs a real $22,000 per year. If his real opportunity cost is 8percent, would leaving his job to get an MBA be a smart financial decision?

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hese 3 pdfs each contain a scenario followed by a question
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