Resource: Principals of Managerial Finance and Fundamentals of Corporate Finance This is your chance to use your imagination! Create your own company and describe it. Then create the financial portion of your organizations strategic plan. ?1 – Explain the goals of the firm, how corporate governance will be structured, and the role of ethics in your company.?2 – Discuss the impact of business taxes and their importance in financial decision-making. How do you determine acceptable cash flows? What are some of the things you would consider when making expansion versus replacement decisions? ?3 – What financial ratios will you employ to keep track of your progress?? 4 – What do the following terms mean to your company: Risk, return, and risk preference? How do you assess and measure risk, return and standard deviations? ?5 – Consider the cost of long-term debt and the cost of preferred stock. Define the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) and discuss alternative weighting schemes.?6 – Discuss short term financial management, net working capital and the related tradeoff between the two. What are the basic types of unsecured bank sources of short-term loans? What are the characteristics of secured short-term loans? Describe the various ways in which inventory can be used as short-term loan collateral. ? 7 – Finally, sum it all up by telling us why your particular company will, or will not, succeed.

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