MODULE 1 DQ 1Reconcile high standards of ethical business practices with the concept of shareholder wealth maximization and stakeholder theory. What responsibility do executives have to their shareholders and their stakeholders?MOD 1 DQ 2What role do financial institutions play in financial management? What role do financial markets have in financial management? Please compare and contrast the two.WEEK 2 DQ 1Identify two publicly traded corporations in the same industry and compare and contrast their current ratios, quick ratios, and debt to equity ratios. Explain what these ratios mean and how they help the reader understand the differences between the two companies.MOD 2 DQ 2What are two key elements of the financial planning process? Why is cash planning as vital as profit planning? Can you provide a contemporary example where cash flow and profits did not go hand-in-hand?MOD 3 DQ 1How does the concept of the time value of money affect decisions made across the four executive roles of management planning, organizing, leading, and controlling? Why is this concept important for the contemporary executive to understand?MOD 3 DQ 2Why is the time value of money important for an individual to understand in regard to their private life? What can an individual do with this information?MOD 4 DQ 1How would you explain yield to maturity (YTM) to a friend with no background in finance?MOD 4 DQ 2What are interest rate fundamentals? Explain term structure and risk premiums. How do these concepts come into play in the real world (mortgage rates, bond prices, etc.)?MOD 5 DQ 1Explain the meaning of risk, return, and risk preferences? Why is risk not the chance of taking a loss?Mod 5 dq 2For the average business leader who is not in a finance role, how do risk, return, and the cost of capital impact him or her? How can you synthesize this into the workplace?mod 6 dq 1Explain how a net present value (NPV) profile is used to compare projects. How does this compare to internal rate of return (IRR)? How does reinvestment affect NPV and IRR?mod 6 dq 2Capital budgeting can be affected by exchange rate risk, political risk, transfer pricing, and strategic risk. Explain how these factors may and can impact capital budgeting.mod 7 dq 1Explain what capital structure is. Find two publicly traded companies and compare and contrast their capital structures.mod 7 dq 2Explain the cash conversion cycle (CCC) and net working capital. Why is this important to the contemporary executive? How do executive decisions regarding CCC and net working capital affect the company? Provide an example.mod 8 dq 1Introduce the company that you have selected for the Case Study Analysis. Why did you select this company? Explain the process you are using to assess your company’s future financial health.mod 8 dq 2Describe your experience building the financial analysis. What has been the easiest, the most difficult? What has surprised you? What have you learned?

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